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Orlando Web Design & Development.

Founded in 2020 by Jai Valentine-Nkrumah, MARS BLACK is a design agency focused on helping companies small and large foster creative environments and accurately express brand identities. We’re passionate about inviting our clients into our creative process and keeping them involved as it unfolds. Our services are tailored with a commitment to providing exceptional customer service, scalable results, and return on investment that is worthwhile. As a Design Agency, we are dedicated to bringing inclusive, minimal, and future-oriented user experiences to life. Alongside our clients, we identify problems and solve them.


My name is Jai Valentine Nkrumah. I`m a community driven and creative Founder passionate about turning innovative ideas into tangible results. Hands on and detail-oriented team player with strong organizational skills. Tackling every medium with respect for the art form, all while bringing a youthful sense of experimentation to each creation. With the goal to inspire and assert the sentiment that expression is integral for healthy human life, growth and unity. Looking forward to adding value and perspective to any place I’m needed.